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We offer professional concrete services in Central Florida

At Precision Concrete and Construction LLC, we offer professional and reliable concrete services in Central Florida. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship paired with outstanding customer service.

We offer concrete services for Commercial and Residential properties, including Retail plazas, Office Complexes, Hotels, Resorts, Townhomes, Condos, Single Family Homes and Apartment Complexes.

We are careful with your investment and always leave the project site better than we found it. Our job sites will never be left in a manner where you will need to clean up after us. You will never find concrete slurry or concrete splash on adjacent surfaces. This is only one detail that sets us apart from the other concrete repair contractors in our area.

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Sidewalk Trip Hazards and Curb Repairs in Central Florida

At Precision Concrete and Construction LLC, we specialize in repairing and replacing sidewalks and curbs. Often times the root systems from nearby trees will cause the sidewalk to rise and angulate, requiring remediation from present trip hazards. Trip hazards can cause people to trip and fall, causing injury and oftentimes leading to litigation against your property insurance policies. Removing the Trip-Hazards before someone gets hurt is the prudent thing to do.

For small vertical lifts, 1/4" to 1", we "grind" the sidewalk joint. We start with a gas-powered scarifier/floor planer to trim the concrete surface until it is flush with the adjacent slab. We use a hand-held diamond grinder to smooth out the surface, a final touch that most companies do not spend time on. We also utilize a three-chambered industrial vacuum to catch the dust during the process. Another detail most companies do not bother with. Collecting silica dust is an OSHA-regulated rule, and it is prudent to keep your community clean and free of excess dust that is created by grinding concrete.

For the larger vertical lifts of more than an inch or extreme slopes on sidewalks, it is necessary to remove the existing sidewalk or curb and trim/ remove the tree roots, then form and place new concrete. We have mastered this process through the years, and our repair quality and expertise show on every project.

With our careful assessments and fair pricing, you can trust us for the best possible service in repairing your sidewalks and curbs and eliminating the trip hazards within your community walking areas.

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Drain Inlet Repairs

With heavy-weight traffic and age, catch basin drain inlet frames can become compromised, causing a hazard in your roadway or parking lot.  Precision Concrete and Construction has mastered the technique to repair failing drain inlet frames.  


The repairs we have performed have stood up to the test of time with repetitive heavy traffic like garbage trucks, dump trucks and alike. Call us today to assess the integrity of your stormwater catch basins

Drain Inlet Repairs
Drain Inlet Repairs

Automotive Lift  Concrete Footings

We specialize in removing thin slabs and retrofitting reinforced concrete footings for new or replaced automotive lifts.

Automotive Lift  Concrete Footings
Automotive Lift  Concrete Footings

Our Standards

At Precision Concrete and Construction LLC, we strive to provide the highest quality work on all our projects. Our standards ensure that our personnel are fully trained and knowledgeable about the job and can ensure everything is carried out correctly.

We also keep a close connection with our clients throughout their entire project, so they can rest assured that it's being handled by experienced and certified professionals who understand their needs and expectations. We believe that superior construction lies with superior craftsmanship, which only comes from having trusted technicians utilizing the latest technologies and proven processes.

We leave the job site clean and ensure our fleet vehicles, trucks and trailers are clean and presentable. When necessary, root removal is crucial in ensuring a long-term solution. Most companies don't perform root removal when necessary, but we go the extra mile every time.

If You Need Concrete Services in Central Florida, Call Us

We are the company to call if you are looking for high-quality concrete services in Central Florida. Our team of professionals is experienced in providing a range of solutions for any concrete project, from repairs and replacements to design and installation.

We strive to provide outstanding customer service with sound advice backed by expertise, ensuring quality results are delivered on time every time.

Call Nikki today at (407) 925-7873, and we'll get your project assessed and estimated soon.

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Precision Paint and Construction

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